UGTC United General Transportation And Clearance Co .



UGTC UGTC offers storage facilities. Our warehouses are among the safest places to deposit your goods. We will pick, pack, store and distribute consignments anywhere in the region by efficient modes of transport. We assure you goods are properly protected so that they can remain in our warehouse for as long as the customer deems necessary.

  • Warehouse And Distribution Services Include:
  • • Contract Warehousing.
  • • Deconsolidation and Consolidation.
  • • Distribution Center Bypass.
  • • Distribution

UGTC provides access to full range storage facilities for both dry and refrigerated commodities to accommodate all your long term or short term warehousing needs.

  • UGTC Warehouse Location:
  • 1. South of Iraq (Basra) with 3,500 sqm shaded WH and more than 10,000 sqm Open Yard.
  • 2. Middle of Iraq (Baghdad) with 1,000 sqm shaded WH and more than 3,000 sqm of Open Yard.
  • 3. North of Iraq (Erbil) with 12,000 sqm shaded WH and more than 25,000 sqm of Open Yard.